Death Storm

The death storms are a direct result of the war between the Bone Kings. Weather patterns carrying necromantic energy, blowing directly off the Rimescar Isle, they kill any living thing that gets in their path, and powerful ones can even raise the dead. The storms carry the necromantic energy trapped within Rimescar Isle for miles.


Heralded by dark clouds, foul winds and purple lightning, the death storms come from the Rimescar Isle when the wind blows especially hard. The first sign of a death storm is a foul scent, like rotting corpses, on the wind. The clouds that follow are unnaturally dark, almost black, and streaks of purple lightning strike as they pass.

First, the plants in the area start to wither and die, followed by small animals. The sick and elderly die soon after, and before long nothing under the storm is left alive. As the storm reaches it’s worst point, those that have died begin to rise up again, leaving the area covered with zombies and skeletons.


The death storms will only affect anything that is outside, so most people will retreat to underground bunkers when news of a death storm approaches. Antimagic Fields can also stop the effects of the death storm, though only in an extremely localized area.


The death storms are due to the war between the Bone Kings. When the Bone King Zhekmet ended all life on the Rimescar Isle using the Ritual of Mok’Zeron, the outpouring of necromantic energy sunk deep into the island. Even now, the magical energy pervades the landscape, and when the winds blow over the island, some of the magic gets carried along.

Death Storm

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