Mana Battery

Mana batteries are crystals that have been infused with arcane energy by the Wellspring Guild. They are used to power all of the technology that exists in the world of Gonde. Though useful, the crystals are extremely volatile, as the events of the Okobi Incident have proven.


Mana batteries are sky-blue crystals that darken to a blood-red when low on arcane energy. They come in a variety of sizes, from the length of a fingernail to the size of a carriage. The crystals hum faintly when not connected to a device, and give off a faint smell of ozone.



Mana batteries were created by Waltin Rowe, a Gnomish wizard and Kari Stoutmantle, a Dwarven artificer in the year 1657. They were first unveiled in the city of Sokket, being used to power a small mechanical horse. The Wellspring Guild saw the potential of the invention, and within ten years, the batteries were found all over Gonde, being used to power all sorts of wondrous devices.

The Okobi Incident

In 1670, a carriage powered by a mana battery broke down in on Main Street in the city of Okobi. The driver attempted to remove the mana battery himself, rather than wait for the Wellspring Guild to change it for him. The driver slipped while putting the battery down and dropped it, causing an explosion that reduced the Okobi city center to black glass, and killed thousands of people. The magical fallout from the explosion also began to affect the surviving population, causing thousands more to sicken and mutate. This incident further cemented the Wellspring Guild as the keepers of the mana batteries, and was the incident that caused the formation of the Luddites.

Mana Battery

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