Wellspring Guild

The Wellspring Guild is the organization responsible for the creation, maintenance and destruction of mana batteries. Originally an artificer’s guild, once it hired the inventors Waltin Rowe and Kari Stoutmantle and became responsible for the mana battery it quickly rose to become one of the most powerful organizations in all of Gonde.


The Wellspring Guild was founded in the year 1424 by the tinker gnome Rue Sparkblatt. Sparkblatt was a struggling inventor looking for support and community, and with a few other inventors in the town of Hawk’s Roost, she was able to build an organization and became moderately successful. The guild continued to operate out of Hawk’s Roost for years, despite never rising to much power or notability.

The guild rose to prominence after seeing the mana battery demonstrated by Rowe and Stoutmantle in Sokket in 1657. The two were quickly brought into the guild and their invention became the guild’s most closely guarded secret. The Wellspring Guild’s finest minds were put to work seeing what could be done with the technology, and within ten years the mana battery was being used all over the world.

The Wellspring Guild quickly rose to prominence as the foremost developer of technology. Bringing only the best and brightest into the fold, they have been entirely responsible for the explosion of technology Gonde has seen in the 100 years since the development of the mana battery


The Wellspring Guild is led by Rue Sparkblatt’s son, Lee Sparkblatt.

Wellspring Guild

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